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We are proud to present a strong line of foals from Booth Ranches breeding program. Carefully selecting the right match between our broodmares and stallions we have beautiful foals born and on the way.

If you are interested in any foal please contact Tracer Gilson for more information.

Name D.O.B. Color Sire Dame Sex
"Sweetpea" 2016 Sorrel Gunners Tinseltown Jitterbug Banjo Filly
"Maria" 2017 Buckskin Smart and Shiney Whizards Magic Filly
"Colt" 2017 Sorrel Tinker with Guns Custom Made Spook Colt
"Donald" 2017 Sorrel Gunnatrashya Jitterbug Banjo Colt
"Dawg" 2017 Buckskin Whizkey N Diamonds Starlights Sugarwhiz Colt
"Flash" 2017 Sorrel Lil Joe Cash Check Your Gun Lady Colt
"Rocky" 2017 Bay Gunnatrashya Squeaky Clean Genes Colt
"Teresa" 2017 Palomino Yellow Jersey Check Your Gun Lady Filly
"Mable" 2017 Bay Not Ruf At All Check Your Gun Lady
"Charlie" 2017 Sorrel Wimpys Little Step Jitterbug Banjo Colt
"Drew" Jan 8 2018 Sorrel Inferno Sixty Six Sheza Smart Wimpy Colt
"Niole" Bay Gunnatrashya Starlights Sugarwhiz Filly
"Stanley" April 23 2018 Bay Gunnatrashya My Lucky Moonstone Colt
"Casey" May 2 2018 Sorrel Magnum Skeets Red Dunit Colt
"Joe" February 2 2018 Sorrel Chexmaster Shine N Money Colt
"Spike" May 6 2018 sorrel Inferno Sixty Six Custom Made Spook Colt
"Roger" March 26 2018 Palomino Not Ruf At All Sheza Smart Wimpy Colt
"Jake" January 29 2018 Buckskin HF Mobster Custom Made Spook Colt
"Roy" March 11 2018 Palomino Shine Chic Shine Custom Made Spook Colt
"Emma" A 2018pril 5