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We are proud to present a strong line of foals from Booth Ranches’ breeding program. Carefully selecting the right match between our broodmares and stallions we have beautiful foals born and on the way.

If you are interested in any foal please contact Tracer Gilson for more information.

Name D.O.B. Color Sire Dame Sex
SGW x Lil Gun AffairSGW x Lil Gun Affair January 2022 Bay Spooks Gotta Whiz Lil Gun Affair Filly
ClintClint Jan 2021 Bay Gunner Blazing In Black Colt
WoodyWoody Jan 2021 Grey Inferno 66 Platinum Magnum Colt
SoldSold Jan 2021 White Spooks Gotta Whiz Check Your Gun Lady Filly
SoldSold Jan 2021 Bay Spooks Gotta Whiz Sheza Smart Wimpy Colt
HookHook Jan 2021 Sorrel PS Mega Shine Chic Miss Spangled Colt
GaryGary Jan 2021 Sorrel Chexmaster High Class Trash Colt
JordanJordan Jan 2021 Buckskin Spooks Gotta Gun Sparklin Whizkey Colt
SonnySonny Jan 2021 Buckskin Electric Snow Shiners Gotta Whiz Colt
KateKate Feb 2021 Hickory Holly Time Shiney Nu Annie Filly
SoldSold Feb 2021 Palomino Colonels Shining Gun Sheza Smart Wimpy Filly
CherCher Feb 2021 Bay Inferno 66 Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly
SoldSold Feb 2021 Sorrel Electric Snow Sheza Smart Wimpy Colt
StevieStevie Feb 2021 Palomino Stevie Rey Von Shiners Dancer Colt
SissySissy Feb 2021 Palomino Electric Snow Taris Little Gunner Filly
SoldSold Mar 2021 Palomino Gunnatrashya Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly
RonnieRonnie 1/6/20 Buckskin Metallic Rebal Shiners Gotta Whiz Colt
RachelRachel 1/13/20 Sorrel Shine On Line Jitterbug Banjo Filly
SoldSold 1/16/20 Sorrel Shiners Voodoo Dr Custom Made Spook Colt
SoldSold 1/19/20 Sorrel Gunnatrashya Platinum Magnum Filly
SoldSold 1/13/20 Sorrel Inferno Sixty Six Starlights Sugarwhiz Filly
JimJim 1/29/20 Sorrel Walla Walla Whiz Brennas Dream Colt
SylviaSylvia 1/30/20 Palomino A Sparkling Vintage Taris Little Gunner Filly
DannyDanny 2/6/20 Bay A Sparkling Vintage Whiz N Chexy Chic Colt
SoldSold 2/16/20 Bay Slick By Design What A Lucky Night Colt
JoyJoy 2/6/20 Bay Inferno Sixty Six Starlights Sugarwhiz Filly
FrostyFrosty 3-14-20 Sorrel Electric Snow Miss Chexy Banjo Filly
ArleneArlene 3/22/20 Not Ruf At All Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly
AndreaAndrea 3/30/20 SG Frozen Enterprize High Class Trash Filly
FarrahFarrah 4/8/20 Chestnut Walla Walla Whiz Taris Little Gunner Filly
HenryHenry 4/9/20 Inferno 66 Skeets Red Dunit Colt
SoldSold 4/20/20 Chestnut Gunnatrashya Shiners Gotta Whiz Colt
AmandaAmanda 4/21/20 Red Roan Metallic Rebel Shiney Nu Annie Filly
SoldSold 5/1/20 Bay SG Frozen Enterprize Whiz N Chexy Chic Colt
SoldSold Chestnut SG Frozen Enterprize Brennas Dream Filly
ZiggyZiggy 5/9/20 Chestnut Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiney Nu Annie Filly
SoldSold 5/11/20 Bay Chexmaster Sunshine N Whizkey Colt
SoldSold 5/20/20 Lil Joe Cash Taris Little Gunner Filly
MicheleMichele 1/20/19 Chexmaster Jitterbug Banjo Filly
SoldSold 2/6/19 Wimpys Little Step Check Your Gun Lady Filly
OpalOpal 2/6/19 Gunners Tinseltown Brennas Dream Filly
SoldSold 3/5/19 WR This Cats Smart Shiney Nu Annie Colt
SoldSold 3/8/19 Spooks Gotta Whiz Skeets Red Dunit Colt
PoppyPoppy 3/13/19 Gunners Tinseltown Sheza Smart Wimpy Filly
SoldSold 3/15/19 Electric Code Darlins Not Painted Colt
SoldSold 3/23/19 Hickory Holly Time Shiners Dancer Filly
SoldSold 4/3/19 Not Ruf At All Taris Little Gunner Colt
JoshJosh 4/6/19 Magnum With A Dream Taris Little Gunner Colt
LibbyLibby 4/18/19 SG Frozen Enterprise Miss Chexy Banjo Filly
SoldSold 4/24/19 Spooks Gotta Whiz Sheza Smart Wimpy Colt
SoldSold 4/27/19 In Like Flinn Skeets Red Dunit Filly
SoldSold 4/30/19 Shiners Voodoo Dr Whiz N Chexy Chic Colt
SoldSold 5/1/19 Stevie Rey Von Check Your Gun Lady Colt
Photo coming soonSold 5/3/19 In Like Flinn Brennas Dream Filly
SoldSold 5/13/19 Pale Face Dunit Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly