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We are proud to present a strong line of foals from Booth Ranches’ breeding program. Carefully selecting the right match between our broodmares and stallions we have beautiful foals born and on the way.

If you are interested in any foal please contact Tracer Gilson for more information.

Name D.O.B. Color Sire Dame Sex
JordanJordan Jan 2021 Buckskin Spooks Gotta Gun Sparklin Whizkey Colt
SissySissy Feb 2021 Palomino Electric Snow Taris Little Gunner Filly
JimJim 1/29/20 Sorrel Walla Walla Whiz Brennas Dream Colt
SylviaSylvia 1/30/20 Palomino A Sparkling Vintage Taris Little Gunner Filly
FrostyFrosty 3-14-20 Sorrel Electric Snow Miss Chexy Banjo Filly
FarrahFarrah 4/8/20 Chestnut Walla Walla Whiz Taris Little Gunner Filly
AmandaAmanda 4/21/20 Red Roan Metallic Rebel Shiney Nu Annie Filly
ZiggyZiggy 5/9/20 Chestnut Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiney Nu Annie Filly
AliAli 2023 Bay Patriot Blazed By Commander Filly
AudreyAudrey 2023 Bay Spooks Gotta Gun Whiz N Chexy Chic Filly
BasilBasil 2023 Bay Tinker With Dreams Sparklin Whizkey Filly
BettsyBettsy 2023 Buckskin Gunna Stop Sparklin Whizkey Filly
CindyCindy 2023 Chestnut Gunna Stop Codalicious Filly
CrusherCrusher 2023 Chestnut PS Mega Shine Chic Trashy Lil Lady Colt
CrystalCrystal 2023 Bay Spooks Gotta Gun Miss Chexy Banjo Filly
DianeDiane 2023 Red Roan Metallics MVP Shiney Nu Annie Filly
EllieEllie 2023 Sorrel PS Mega Shine Chic Lil Gun Affair Filly
GusGus 2023 Chestnut Kreyzy Horse High Class Trash Colt
JackieJackie 2023 Bay Spooks Gotta Whiz Shiney Nu Annie Filly
JosieJosie 2023 Chestnut Lil Joe Cash Brennas Dream Filly
LeftonLefton 2023 Bay Scooter Kat Check Your Gun Lady Colt
LeviLevi 2023 Chestnut Paleface Dunnit Blazed By Commander Colt
MartiMarti 2023 Brown Smoking Trash Skeets Red Dunit Colt
MeriMeri 2023 Sorrel Americasnexttopgun Shiney Nu Annie Filly
MiloMilo 2023 Sorrel Americasnexttopgun Brennas Dream Colt
OwenOwen 2023 Sorrel Americasnexttopgun Starlights Sugarwhiz Colt
PatPat 2023 Sorrel Patriot High Class Trash Colt
PhillyPhilly 2023 Palomino Call Me Mitch Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly
RomeoRomeo 2023 Bay Whizkey N Diamonds Spook Chexy Juliet Colt
SplatSplat 2023 Sorrel Spatatino Taris Little Gunner Colt
TadTad 2023 Chestnut Spooks Gotta Spark Skeets Red Dunit Colt
TigerTiger 2023 Brown Gunnatrashya Miss Chexy Banjo Colt
AveryAvery 2022 Bay Magnum Chic Dream Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly
BrookeBrooke 2022 Bay Inferno Sixty Six Check Your Gun Lady Filly
BullfrogBullfrog 2022 Chestnut Electric Snow Starlights Sugarwhiz Filly
ClairClair 2022 Chestnut Electric Snow Whiz n Chexy Chic Filly
DollyDolly 2022 Bay Spooks Gotta Whiz Lil Gun Affair Filly
ElmerElmer 2022 Bay Spooks Gotta Whiz Platinum Magnum Colt
HadleyHadley 2022 Chestnut Rollz Royce Shiney Nu Annie Filly
LeoLeo 2022 Chestnut Tiner With Guns Whiz N Chexy Chic Colt
MaxineMaxine 2022 Sorrel Electric Snow Brennas Dream Filly
MiaMia 2022 Bay Electric Snow Miss Chexy Banjo Filly
OlafOlaf 2022 Buckskin Electric Snow Sparklin Whizkey Colt
OliveOlive 2022 Chestnut Colonels Shining Gun Platinum Magnum Filly
PeachPeach 2022 Sorrel No Smoking Required Skeets Red Dunit Filly
PistolPistol 2022 Bay Spooks Gotta Whiz Taris Little Gunner Colt
RalphRalph 2022 Palomino Hollywood Dun It Miss Chexy 2 Colt
RichardRichard 2022 Chestnut Electric Snow Skeets Red Dunit Colt
RileyRiley 2022 Bay Patriot Shiners Gotta Whiz Filly
SarahSarah 2022 Chestnut Metallic Rebel Shiney Nu Annie Filly
VanVan 2022 Bay A Vintage Smoke Taris Little Gunner Colt