Boarding Luxury, with a 38 stall barn that is insulated to keep it warmer during the winter and has fans for each stall during hot summer months. Each stall has a window that looks out and some have windows for horses to hang their heads out of. The barn has the ability to be shut up completely at the end of the day with large sliding doors at each entrance and doors to each stall window. We have a great lighting system in the main barn as well as the 15 stall mare motel to help insure hair coats stay good. Stalls are cleaned and horses are feed twice per day. Here at Booth Ranches we feed 100% Alfalfa Hay cubes with a flake or two of Bermuda grass hay. Our horses stay fat and happy and maintain great shiny hair coats year round.

Booth Ranches

Booth Ranches

Booth Ranches (Mares & Foals)
30004 E. American Ave
Orange Cove, CA 93646

BR Barn and pasture

Minkler Training Facility
17500 E. Annadale Ave
Sanger, CA 93657